Failure to incorporate big data into human resources can hurt managers and companies, an expert says.

Kris Beevers, CEO of NS1, wants to make sure organizations stay connected using its Domain Name System (DNS) management technologies.

Many companies play it safe when it comes to products, processes and game plans. But the standouts stretch themselves by innovating, an analyst says.

TransEnterix CEO Todd Pope is bringing robotics into the operating room in the form of high-tech laparoscopic surgeries.

CEOs and boards are stepping up to take more control of protecting their companies from cyberthreats and attacks, a study shows.

David Wenger, CEO of Bridge Connector, wants to revolutionize the way healthcare systems communicate with each other.

Sapience Analytics CEO Brad Killinger is using “people analytics” to help companies better organize and use employees and become more efficient.

Fluent CEO Ryan Schulke is riding the digital technology boom, using a people-based marketing platform to create custom audiences for clients.