Candid's feedback platform offers unvarnished truth about companies' image in eyes of customers, employees

The OmniView microfeedback monitoring dashboard provides answers to how a CEO is managing an organization. (Image: Candid)

Celebrities often rely on feedback about how they are perceived from their “posse” whom they grew up with in the old neighborhood. But who can a CEO go to when he or she wants the unvarnished truth about business operations and decisions?

Among the new tools on the market to provide this feedback is Candid, a platform that provides clients with real-time “microfeedback” from their employees, customers and partners on the health of various areas of their operation.

While the company’s clients skew heavily toward associations, it’s hoping to appeal to a broader set of businesses, particularly in the transportation and hospitality industries, ChicagoInno reports.

Thomas K.R. Stovall, founder of Chicago-based Candid told the publication that some organizations are reluctant to give “everyone a voice overnight.”

“Overwhelmingly what happens when people use Candid is they realize people aren’t just trolling and saying negative stuff. Actually, [people have] a lot of really constructive and positive stuff, if we give them more than one time a year to say it,” Stovall told ChicagoInno.

Candid collects and analyzes crowdsourced feedback using only one survey question, and that low barrier of entry to solicit responses is especially appealing to the fast-paced event business.

Last month, the company partnered with trade show and event planning company GCJ Management, ChicagoInno reports. The publication spoke with Stovall to learn more about the pair’s plan to test the platform’s capabilities at 15 to 20 trade shows in the coming year.

Two of the events that will use the tool over the next two months will boast a total of 36,000 attendees. With Candid, GCJ plans to collect feedback from attendees and exhibitors before, during and after the events.

ChicagoInno reports that GCJ will be able to parse the feedback via a realtime dashboard that overlays respondents’ comments with location, time and other factors.

The tool also recognizes commonly used terms and pulls them into a Wordle-like cloud, says ChicagoInno.

“It allows you to visualize what’s happening in a few different ways, so you do not have to be super technical to use it,” Stovall told the news outlet.