Technology is changing, but companies are not

Alex Stamos, CSO of Facebook, speaks about the IT workforce at Black Hat 2017.

Technology companies are behind the curve when it comes to hiring and preparing employees for the evolving needs of the industry.

In a recent survey conducted by Korn Ferry, only 36% of respondents said their organization has the talent it needs to deliver their future business strategy and 75% said they have the talent required to execute the current strategy.

In a press release, Werner Penk, president of Korn Ferry’s global technology sector, said, “Companies clearly need to evaluate their existing talent and think about how they can upskill current employees or what new talent they need to ensure the future survival of their organization.”

Minding the gaps

The talent shortage cited most frequently by respondents was application modernization and digital transformation, with 51% saying it was a challenge for their organization. Only 23% of survey respondents felt their organization had sufficient in-house Internet of Things talent.

Only 43% felt they had the cybersecurity talent needed to support their digital and business transformation.

Role of diversity

While keynoting the Black Hat security conference over the summer, Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos said fostering diversity can be a great strategy for hedging future technical challenges.

“Building a diverse team with diverse background is really key because you never know what kind of problem you’re going to get into,” said Stamos during remarks at Black Hat 2017.

“It’s much better to have a tool box of all different kinds of tools than to have the best screwdrivers in the world,” he added.

Stamos said some of the security personnel Facebook had working on election-related issues had undergraduate degrees in languages or political science and then they’ve been given layers of training to be able to contribute on the IT side.