Arcus CEO Lars Nordenlund sees IoT aiding retailers, cities, hotels

IoT adoption, market research
Arcus is preparing to launch an IoT platform.

Lars Nordenlund, CEO of Arcus, has a passion for technology that has led him to oversee the pending launch of a cloud-based IoT platform designed to help retailers, hotels and cities better understand and use their surveillance data.

His background, in addition to high-tech, is media strategy business management consulting in Europe and several years at Microsoft. He also served as the CEO of Mondo, a hosting and online services company in Denmark.

Arcus is a Canon Group company created with funding from Canon, along with intellectual property, technology and expertise from Milestone Systems.

The company’s namesake product Arcus comes from “a huge opportunity for intelligent video cloud IoT as a service,” Nordenlund said. “The modern enterprise has an abundance of video surveillance footage, often gathered from multiple, expansive properties. Right now, this data is usually stored separately on premise and is never used again. What businesses are realizing is that there is immense value available in that video data—once it is aggregated and analyzed.”

Today’s cloud infrastructure makes that aggregation possible, Nordenlund said. “It can be scaled across geographies and ensures data is readily available upon request. The remaining challenges in moving video to the cloud, mainly bandwidth constraints and security concerns, are addressed in our solution. After enabling cloud integration for storing, archiving and processing video sensor data, Arcus technology can convert that data into useful, actionable intelligence.”

Arcus is led with an intelligent platform service to present data insights and safety from video and IoT sensor integration.

The basic services are similar to what an on-premise video management system supports. This includes recording and storage of video surveillance data, which will enable enterprises to perform safety operations including incident investigation and situational awareness to protect people and assets.

“Then, we take cloud services a step further to support business optimization processes such as operations management and customer relationship management,” Nordenlund said. “Our services lead with an intelligent platform service to present data insights and safety from video and IoT sensor integration. It will be based on a cloud video management platform that focuses on cloud video surveillance, centralized cloud management, centralized cloud infrastructure and service.

The system’s service launch will be announced “at a later point in time,” Nordenlund said.

Enterprise customers and cloud-ready service providers are the product’s target audience. “More specifically, we see Arcus technology being the most transformative in the retail, hospitality, security, transportation and smart cities verticals,” Nordenlund said. “In each of these industries, a single corporation has multiple locations, each possessing immense video footage that, when aggregated and analyzed, offers users the opportunity to make smarter decisions that improve top-line growth and bottom-line savings.”

The service “can deliver high-value insights and safety at a global scale,” Nordenlund said. “Current market offerings lack this scale for enterprise and global companies. Furthermore, the fact that Arcus is founded on market-leading technology, IP and competencies from Milestone and owned by Canon is a significant advantage.

As company leaders look to implement digital transformation efforts and expect significant ROI from those tactics, “Arcus offers to businesses previously untapped insights in their video surveillance data that can optimize their operations and support a larger digital transformation strategy,” Nordenlund said.

Fast Five with Lars Nordenlund

What got you interested in technology?

I have always been excited about what technology can do to enhance lives and optimize businesses. Business and industry transformation is driven and enabled by technology.

What was your first product?

In technology, my first product was Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions.

What do you like about being a CEO?

Being CEO, I have the opportunity to lead an amazing team all the way from company inception to global market leadership in video cloud IoT as a service.

What are the most important qualities of a leader?

To be successful, it’s crucial to lead with a bold vision and high integrity, while hiring the best team to make the vision a reality.

What do you look for when hiring someone?

To deliver the highest-quality product, we demand best-in-class professional qualifications, a strong commitment to the Arcus vision and alignment with our core values in order to thrive on the team.

Arcus has created a workplace that prizes culture fit above advanced technical skills. For instance, when hiring engineering candidates, we accept that the technical skills necessary for the job can be learned on the clock. What’s more important than knowing a certain coding language is that this person wants to solve problems, wants to feel empowered to do their job well, and will be a positive force for the team overall.