Janeen Gelbart, CEO of Indiggo, introducing AI-based 'leadership execution' for managers

Janeen Gelbart is aiming to help executives keep up with their projects and objectives. (Indiggo)

Janeen Gelbart, CEO of Indiggo, is introducing artificial intelligence-based “leadership execution” through a technology platform created to help leaders and managers make sure their monthly focus remains in sync with overall company goals.

Indiggo does this by synchronizing with each leader’s calendar to analyze all meetings and provide intelligence to drive alignment. Users then leverage online intelligence to view how they are planning to use their time and whether they are on track with company goals.

“This is a software platform to address the gap between strategy and execution,” Gelbart told FierceCEO. “It brings focus, transparency and accountability.”

Gelbart argues that the system is very cost effective, saying tens of billions of dollars are spent each year for traditional leadership training, and, according to an article in the Harvard Business Review, “67% of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution.” Using Indiggo gives businesses a better “return on leadership," because managers are a company’s largest and most influential investment, Gelbart said.

“It lets leaders focus on what’s most important for them and their company,” Gelbart said. “It helps drive strategy forward.”

For example, if a company wants to improve a particular aspect of its business or move forward on a strategic goal, Indiggo can keep that front and center in the minds and actions of executives and supervisors who have a stake in the initiative.

Gelbart says Indiggo is important because all sectors are being disrupted by technology and AI, but to date the leadership space has had no technology/AI revolution. “Leaders are still essentially using the same—largely ineffective—approach: formulaic ‘in the box,’ one-size-fits-all solutions,” Gelbart said. “Indiggo was created with the insight that real change in leadership execution can only occur at the individual level—with a focus on real action and what works for each individual leader.”

The software platform has already absorbed the decades of leadership and strategy expertise of Indiggo’s leadership team, which has taught indi, Indiggo’s AI engine, to observe, learn and tailor engagement, Gelbart said.

“What is especially powerful about Indiggo is that from the beginning, it is learning what leaders choose to act on, focus on and respond to,” Gelbart said. “The more you use the platform, the more it knows about you and what you respond to.”

That turns out to be “very powerful at the individual level and as more people use the platform at the organizational and global level,” Gelbart said. “Because the more Indiggo is used, the more insights it will have about what works for each type of leader. Some will respond to certain types of ‘nudges,’ some will respond to others.”

One leader “may respond to Indiggo when it focuses attention on how much time a leader is actually investing in a specific priority,” Gelbart said. “Another leader may respond better if she’s shown that she needs to make sure she’s connecting to the right people in her organization.”

Gelbart and a partner started Indiggo 15 years ago, and the company spent its first 12 years as a leadership and strategy consultancy.

“We saw a huge opportunity for technology and it resonated with the leaders we were speaking to,” Gelbart said. “So, we decided to become a technology company.”

The company has raised $10 million to date, and some of its clients are among its investors.

Fast Five with Janeen Gelbart

What are the most important qualities for leaders?

Awareness and action.

What keeps you up at night?

New ideas I can’t wait to act on.

Where is the best way to find new revenue opportunities?

Creating value for current customers.

One tip for motivating employees?

Authenticity in everything you do.

What do you know now that you wished you’d known 5 years ago?

The importance of being able to articulate your brand.