HR software automates process for small businesses

Small businesses can expedite the hiring process with JazzHR software.

Pete Lamson, CEO of JazzHR, says he has a solution to the tight labor market, tailored to small businesses.

Lamson puts the powers of small enterprises on a par with large corporations through a software package that automates the hiring process. It does everything from screening resumes to setting up interviews.

The norm for small businesses is to do everything manually, either through spreadsheets or other time-consuming processes. In contrast, the software tracks and ranks automatically created digital candidate profiles in one secure location while getting open jobs online and in front of job seekers.

Lamson said he was inspired to join JazzHR two years ago by his father, who was a dentist. “I’ve always been interested in small business as a result,” the younger Lamson said. “I saw what he went through.”

JazzHR counts 3,000 customers using its software which, based on sophistication, ranges in price from $39 a month to $309 a month. The firm’s customers range in size from 25 to 500 employees.

JazzHR has 57 employees and uses the software itself.

The software does not automate the interview process. In his own interviewing Lamson looks for people “who are curious. In my experience, people who are curious are quickly able to get to the root of the challenge or the opportunity.”

He also wants them to be “competitive and with a customer first mentality.”

Lamson’s biggest challenge is “market education.” He estimates 90% of the company’s target market “is still using simplistic tools. So, market education is important.”

And his advice for any CEO or employee is, “You have to love what you do.”

Centimark uses the software to streamline the application and hiring process, said the roofing and flooring contractor’s recruitment/personnel manager, Rose Watts. “It centralizes, streamlines and organize our hiring processes across 35 offices and two divisions in our company.”

The advantage to the job seekers is that they are able to click online to apply for a job, Watts said. They can add a cover letter, attach a resume and answer a few qualifying questions. An email is sent to them immediately indicating that they have applied for a job. For CentiMark recruiters, they can see the information on each candidate as soon as they click submit.

“Through JazzHR, CentiMark is able to get our job openings and employer brand promoted through multiple avenues with one click,” Watts said.