CEO Michael George’s Continuum is the service delivery backbone for small businesses’ IT needs, including cybersecurity.

CEO Mike Duffy's startup CityBase has a simple premise: Make it easier for residents to navigate municipal payment systems to pay for services.

Despite widespread awareness of cybersecurity threats, companies still aren’t taking sufficient preventive action, a report says.

Host Analytics sells a suite of SaaS applications that assist corporate finance departments with annual operating budgets and long-range planning.  

Janeen Gelbart, CEO of Indiggo, is introducing AI-based “leadership execution” through a technology platform.

Taking care of the cybersecurity needs of financial institutions is the stock in trade of Sean Feeney, CEO of DefenseStorm.

While the dearth of women CEOs is getting attention, there is another area—technology—in which their presence is also lacking, a report says.

Companies are surrounded by cybersecurity threats, but many are not making it a priority to educate employees about them, a survey says.