CEO Roundup—Stick it to your office adversary; Seeking direction from Donald Trump

Donald Trump speaks at healthcare lunch
A new GPS voice lets you seek direction from Donald Trump. (C-SPAN)

A new way to ‘stick it’ to your office adversary

Forget toilet papering your neighbor’s house or your cubicle partner’s desk. For the local lunkhead whom you simply cannot stand, now there’s something really special: perfectly passive-aggressive sticky notes the size of a full sheet of paper that will adhere to the front door or the side of a work cubbyhole. They’re called Bad Neighbour Notes, according to a recent report by Entrepreneur magazine and you can attach them easily for all to see. Then sneak away, after completing your quick and dirty work, before anyone spots you.

The business news outlet revealed that Sean Mayers is “the evil genius behind the latest wacky entrant into the budding anonymous, nonviolent revenge market.” The realtor and amateur stand-up comic told the news outlet, “An anonymous note with a sarcastic message is the least mean way to vent your frustration … without ending up in jail for assault.”

In May, the Toronto native launched his campaign for the new product on Kickstarter, with a random funding goal of $2,891. (Entrepreneur)

For the masochist within: Trump on GPS

If you already have a wretched commute to the office and feel inclined to be even more masochistic, the Karta GPS of Portugal has just the thing: The navigation company has recently added a Donald Trump impersonator to its repertoire of voices. Real quotes from the device in Trump’s voice include, “You have reached your destination, let’s make navigation great again!” 

Huffington Post, the publication that covered this story, commented, “We have absolutely no idea who would want this or why it seemed like something to bring to fruition. … We’re just surprised it doesn’t lie about where you’re supposed to go. We’d imagine a more true-to-life iteration of this software would tell users things like “Turn left … I said right! SAD!” or “Believe me, you don’t want to make a U-turn." 

At any rate, you can snag Trump vocals for your GPS in the Karta GPS iOS or Android app via the Downloads section. (Huffington Post)