CEO Roundup—Ill-gotten gains; be as focused as a Facebook staffer

At Facebook, one question keeps meetings focused. (Claus Rebler/CC BY-SA 2.0)

Ill-gotten gains

Sick and tired of working? Or just plain sick? What excuse is the most certain to keep you in bed—and out of the office—for one or more days? According to the results of a poll of 1,000 senior business leaders released on July 25 on the website PopSugar, the only surefire alibi is the flu. No boss wants a worker with a virus to infect the whole office, and even if the employee is faking it, it's not worth taking the risk. But that’s not the only evasion that employees use. In fact, the U.K. healthcare firm that took the poll found a plethora of ailments that seem to do the trick. After the flu, the most popular maladies are back pain, injury caused by accident, stress, elective surgery, depression, anxiety, the common cold, or a migraine headache. A word to the wise: “The dog ate my bus pass” is not likely to go down as well. (PopSugar)

Be as focused as a Facebook staffer

Are you making a decision, or having a discussion? That’s the question that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg says keeps every meeting of the social media team on track and on time. In a Quora post, Sandberg credited Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with coming up with that query. The Lean In and Option B author also has a few tricks up her sleeve, according to a July 25 report by Business Insider. As she tackles each meeting, Sandberg also checks off tasks in a "decidedly un-digital spiral-bound notebook," according to Forbes' San Francisco bureau chief, Miguel Helft. Once every item on the page is checked off, she rips it out of the book. And one more quirky tip: "At the start of every leadership meeting, participants can go around the table and discuss their "emotional and professional state," according to Bloomberg.

It’s a way for the team to “stay connected and feel heard” before they get down to business. (Business Insider)