CEO Roundup—Tim Cook on succession planning, big businesses look to grow a more neurodiverse workforce and more

Tim Cook, Apple CEO
Apple CEO Tim Cook (Apple)

Tim Cook on succession planning

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed the importance of succession planning. But hand-picking a single person to fill his shoes is not part of his strategy. Instead, Cook said he is grooming as many people as he can to become CEO, and when the time comes the board will have a full roster of capable candidates to pick from. (CNBC)

Why Microsoft, Chase are looking to add neurodiversity to their workforce

A growing number of large American companies are looking to hire more people with autism. In the war for talent, companies such as Microsoft and Chase hope to leverage the creative, meticulous and technically proficient skills of employees on the autism spectrum. (Entrepreneur)

Infosys founder calls out board in ongoing CEO hunt

Co-founder of Infosys Narayana Murthy has the company's board in his sights. He recently criticized the board for trying to recruit a new CEO without first resolving ongoing issues that led the previous CEO to resign. The primary issues, according to Murthy, are poor governance—an issue he also raised in an August address to investors—and excessive severance to the company's executives. (Bloomberg)