CEO Roundup—Samsung pairs earnings call with management shakeup; Under Armour’s stock plunge is Plank’s loss

Samsung is going with a three-person, co-CEO structure.

Samsung pairs earnings call with management shakeup

Samsung on Tuesday posted a record profit and also announced the appointment of three new CEOs in its co-CEO structure. One CEO will oversee components, another will run consumer electronics and the third will lead mobile and IT. Samsung Electronics CEO Kwon Oh-hyun stepped down in early October, making way for his three replacements. The appointments are effective immediately. (The Verge)

Under Armour’s stock plunge is Plank’s loss

Under Armour’s shares peaked at $54.70 in early 2015 but have fallen 75% over a two-year slide. Coinciding with the company’s earnings call Tuesday, where it cut its revenue and earnings forecast, is a new stock low. And with that, CEO Kevin Plank also saw a hit: He’s lost $2.5 billion in the company’s stock decline. (Bloomberg)

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