CEO Roundup—Hispanic Chamber CEO quits Trump coalition over 'lie' to Dreamers; air taxi funding takes off

The CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has quit President Donald Trump's Diversity Coalition and called him a "liar" over his change of mind about the status of "Dreamers." (Immigrant Legal Resource Center)(Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC)

Hispanic Chamber CEO slams Trump for deceiving Dreamers about immigration status

Javier Palomarez, the CEO of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC)—America’s largest Hispanic business organization, representing over 4.2 million Hispanic-owned businesses— resigned on Sept. 5 from President Donald Trump’s National Diversity Coalition after the administration said it would put the kibosh on an Obama-era program that enabled children brought into the United States illegally years ago to stay and study and work here without fear of deportation. In doing so, he slammed the POTUS’ “inhumane and economically harmful” decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which to date had protected about 800,000 “Dreamers” from deportation. “As a nation of immigrants,” Palomarez said, “we have a moral responsibility to support and defend ‘Dreamers,’ who arrived to this country—at the average age of six—through no fault of their own. These individuals have already become dynamic contributors to our American economy and play an important role in our communities.” He also censured Trump for promising one thing during his campaign and doing another now. “Let’s lay the truth bare,” Palomarez said. “President Trump has knowingly deceived the American people over the past seven months about his intentions to protect the innocent young men and women of the DACA program.” He added, “This disgraceful action goes against not only the values of this country, but also against the promise of this administration to focus Homeland Security resources toward individuals who have committed violent crimes and pose a threat to communities across the country." (USHCC)

Funding takes off for air taxis

Lilium, a two-year-old Munich-based company that is in the process of developing an all-electric "air taxi” with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, has now raised more than $100 million in financing—most recently, $90 million in series B funding from a group of global investors: Tencent (China), Atomico (Great Britain), LGT (Liechtenstein) and Obvious Ventures (USA). The latest capital injection comes less than a year after its last round and just months after it completed its first test flights. Lilium’s innovative mission is to bring low-cost air travel to a mass audience, moving people up to 300 km (186 miles) per hour on a single electric charge, at a price “comparable to ground transport.” The five-seat, “hyperefficient,” zero emission, low-noise passenger jet is now in accelerated development, the company said in a release (PDF) following the financing round. “This investment is a tremendously important step for Lilium,” said company CEO Daniel Wiegand in a statement. "This is the next stage in our rapid evolution from an idea to the production of a commercially successful aircraft that will revolutionize the way we travel in and around the world’s cities. It [puts Lilium among] the best-funded electric aircraft projects in the world. Our backers recognize that Lilium’s innovative eVTOL technology puts us in the lead in this exciting new industry, with no other company promising the economy, speed, range and low-noise levels of the Lilium Jet. We are continuing to recruit the very brightest and best global talent in aeronautical engineering, physics, electric propulsion and computer science to join us on this extraordinary aviation journey where the only limits are the laws of physics. (Lilium)