Bryan Miles, CEO of BELAY, is deploying 'virtual' workers all over the U.S.

Bryan Miles is getting traction with his virtual staffing firm. (Belay)

Bryan Miles, CEO of BELAY, has a virtual solution for corporations, chaplains and everything in between.

His company deploys remote workers to handle work off-site in what he says is a cost-effective manner.

BELAY provides virtual assistants, bookkeepers, copywriters and web support staff to clients all over the country.

Miles said they range from large companies to members of the clergy, all looking for remote services to handle a variety of tasks.

“A shift is happening in the workplace where it is becoming more accepted,” to take on virtual workers, Miles told FierceCEO. “Leaders are seeing that it works.”

Virtual workers include those who may not otherwise have the opportunity for the positions they hold through BELAY.  

Miles cited adults who remain at home with aging parents, stay-at-home parents and people who live in rural areas.

BELAY has about 500 contractors—with about 1,200 resumes coming in a month largely through word of mouth—and roughly 1,000 clients, Miles said. The contractors often work with more than one client.

It also has 65 employees, but no office—they all work remotely in keeping with the company’s tenor.

BELAY’s name is also meant to represent what the company is all about—it means providing the support a climber needs to ascend.

Miles and his wife started the company 7 years ago, when he took his cue from an arrangement he had with his virtual assistant. BELAY was started with money from him and his wife and, he said, the company has never had the need to look for outside funding.

Challenges include having to get clients on board with trusting the virtual employees, and a lot of larger organizations have installed applications that don’t mesh with working from home and communication, Miles said.

Miles’ next goal is to take the operation international. “We feel this is something we can apply from a global standpoint,” he said.

He estimates BELAY will be overseas within the next two years.

“I’ve had a lot of fun doing this,” Miles said. “We’ve been successful, we’re helping clients and people who might not have this job opportunity.”

Fast Five with Bryan Miles

What's the single most important trait for a leader?

They inspire. They have to be worth following.

What's the key to finding new opportunities for revenue?

To network and give away more than you get.

How do you motivate employees?

You have to figure out what motivates them first. We give them a survey to help determine this.

How important is diversity?

Incredibly. It gives us a more well-rounded perspective of how we can serve our customers better.

How do you see your industry changing in the next 10 years?

Artificial intelligence will mandate that our people evolve and we evolve as a service organization.