Not being afraid to take risks, curiosity, customer focus and sleepless nights are some of the traits that go into being an innovative CEO.

CEOs left their companies at a rapid clip in January, with 132 departures, the highest in 8 years, according to a report.

CEOs may have the ship running smoothly now, but they are most worried about where their companies’ next generation of leaders is coming from.

While CEOs have the technical skills to run a business, it takes a human touch to be fully effective. Personal traits are just as important as being able to…

Humane Society keeps CEO accused of sexual harassment, leading to board member exodus; Sony’s CEO steps down after leading turnaround; and more.

Executives are using Q4 earnings calls to highlight plans to use money realized through reduced tax rates from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

While savings from the new tax reform law may be used by companies to invest in operations, many like FedEx, will use the money on their people.

As CEO of Back Bay Life Science Advisors, Jonathan Gertler said he aims to advance new healthcare technologies and help life science companies improve.