Tal Gilbert, CEO of Vitality USA, on using clinical science to develop wellness programs

Tal Gilbert is bringing a scientific approach to wellness. (Image: Vitality)

With more companies adopting wellness programs, Tal Gilbert, CEO of Vitality USA, feels pretty well positioned.

Vitality USA provides companies with programs that are aimed at getting employees to take steps to a more healthy lifestyle.

Gilbert says Vitality USA has an edge in that it uses clinical science, technology and incentives to develop the best programs.

“We are very data driven,” Gilbert told FierceCEO.

Examples of incentives can be a company’s contribution to a health savings account, Amazon and Starbucks gift cards.

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And clinical revolves around data of all types, including The Global Burden of Disease Study, research funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gilbert has been CEO of Vitality USA for just about a year. Before that he was in charge of product development for the company. All told, he has been with Vitality USA for 15 years.

He has spent the last year, “With our team, understanding what our clients want and communicating to staff what they are doing,” Gilbert said. “We’re changing quite rapidly and I want to know staff is a part of it.”

Gilbert believes he offers a global perspective on health and well-being, having set up and grown Vitality USA’s international businesses, including establishing a health and life insurance company in the U.K. Gilbert was also instrumental in the John Hancock partnership, the only life insurance carrier in the U.S. that is integrated with a technology-based wellness program.

He describes Vitality USA as “a technology-based health and wellness program.”

Vitality USA “is intuitive, backed by science, integrates with other health initiatives and is reinforced by measurable results,” Gilbert said.

“Businesses can try to reduce the cost of healthcare for their employees who are already sick, but without a focus on prevention, companies and our country face a dismal trajectory,” Gilbert said. “And poor health and its effects go far beyond physical health, which is why Vitality USA also focuses on areas such as mental and financial wellbeing.”

 Vitality USA’s “shared value insurance model results in benefits shared between the employer in the form of lower health claims; insurers make more profits; members have greater health and financial rewards; and society in the form of a healthier, more productive workforce,” Gilbert said.

Fast Five with Tal Gilbert

What’s a leader’s most important trait?

Being a master and student of communication.

What keeps you up at night?

Our next product launch; our next big thing.

What is a new opportunity for revenue?

Listening hard to the problems your clients and customers are having and then solving them.

What is one tip for motivating employees?

Help them understand how the work they do drives the company.

What do you wish you knew 5 years ago that you know now?

That people are capable of more if given the right opportunity and support.