PatientPing CEO keeps healthcare providers in touch with patients

The trail that tracking a patient can take with PatientPing.

A software company with big expansion plans is using the nation’s healthcare system to fuel its growth.

CEO Jay Desai’s PatientPing is looking to double its employees to 200 next year, finding the need for the company’s services that much in demand.

PatientPing is a Boston-based health technology company that provides real-time notifications, or “pings,” to providers whenever patients experience an admission, transfer, discharge or other medical event. This allows healthcare providers to know when the patient is in trouble, where they are and the person’s health issue.

“It helps doctors keep track of what’s going on with patients and can avoid costly duplicative tests,” Desai said.

Desai came upon the idea four years ago when he was working for the Medicare system. It was a time of bundled payment models working to shift the healthcare industry from fee for service to value-based care.

He saw PatientPing as a way to connect healthcare in a better way. The work is paying off and PatientPing is now in 15 states, 15% of the country’s hospitals and 5,000 other facilities, including nursing homes. Revenue is derived from professionals who want to know the information.

The way Desai looks at it, “There is still 85% of the country to connect.”

He is looking for a varied group of employees, including salespeople, marketers and engineers. His biggest challenge is “making sure we bring in the best talent.”

Desai wants “curiosity, grit, perseverance, kindness and generosity of spirit and diversity, including of thought” in those he will hire and his existing staff.

Those coming in will find a company with many values. They are:

1. Be motivated by impact

2. Build expertise

3. Invest in deducing smart, simple solutions

4. Move fast

5. Love to collaborate

6. Be humble

7. Don't give up

Desai said he follows these ideals himself and sees authenticity, predictability and earnestness as traits of effective leadership.

His career advice is, “The faster you can figure out what you love and what you're talented at will direct you to self-actualization.”