Host Analytics CEO Dave Kellogg wants finance departments to run more smoothly

Dave Kellogg is expanding the offerings Host Analytics provides. (Host Analytics)

Host Analytics CEO Dave Kellogg wants companies to plan more efficiently.

His company sells a suite of SaaS applications that assist corporate finance departments with annual operating budgets and long-range planning.

“The cloud-based platform helps automate, accelerate and align financial processes,” Kellogg told FierceCEO.

Last week, Host Analytics launched a new software platform called MyPlan. This offering is intended to get finance and the rest of a business—(line of business managers in marketing, sales, operations, e-commerce, etc.)—aligned operationally and financially with planning and forecasting so the entire business can use the same tools. The approach varies from the way planning and forecasting has been done in the past—using sometimes 10 or 12 different/siloed systems.

“The benefit is you get a plan that is more accurate, timely and to which you can hold people accountable," Kellogg said.

Host Analytics is in a field with a big competitor—Oracle. But Kellogg dismisses any signs of pressure, saying, “The nice thing about competing with Oracle is they’re expensive and harder to implement.”

Like many technology CEOs, Kellogg took to his field early. “I just got very interested in computers at an early ago,” Kellogg said. “When I graduated from school it was only natural that I got into the tech industry.”

And he has taken something from each position he has held, including his first one. Kellogg was in tech support, fielding calls from customers who needed assistance.

“It was great,” Kellogg said. “It made me never afraid to talk to customers.”

Host Analytics had all the things, technologically speaking, that appealed to Kellogg when he joined in 2012.

“I love cloud software and I love what we do, helping companies think about the future,” Kellogg said.

Based in Redwood City, Calif., Host Analytics has 200 of its 300 employees there and the rest in India. This is a canny move because it keeps highly sought-after engineers out of the country.

Those in Redwood City have a pretty low-key office, by California tech standards. “There are no pool tables or big screen TVs,” Kellogg said. But there are beers on Friday afternoon and free food.

“We don’t want you to turn your life into your job,” Kellogg said. “Our culture is all about the customer and we’re pretty transparent internally."

Fast Five with Dave Kellogg

When did you know you wanted to be a CEO?

The year 2000. I had about 10 years CMO experience and felt I was ready to be CEO.

What is the single most important trait for a leader?


How do you find new opportunities for revenue?

Blending vision and experience.

How did you have to adapt and what did you learn?

I had to adapt my New York style to California’s.

How would you describe your business?

We help finance departments be a partner with the rest of the business and the CEO.