CEO Roundup—What to do when your business plateaus; Apparel CEO keeps eyes on Alibaba rather than Amazon

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Even some of today's most successful businesses had to overcome a plateau. (tonda/iStock / Getty Images Plus/ Getty Images)

When your business plateaus, look to new frontiers

When businesses are working in particularly saturated markets, it’s hard to stop fighting for scraps and look outside of the current model. But experts say that’s exactly how businesses like Square and were able to work their way back to an upward trend. Looking to different strategic groups within the same industry, taking a closer look at the chain of buyers and examining complementary products or services are just a few of the strategies companies should apply when they plateau. (Entrepreneur)

Lululemon focuses on Alibaba relationship, not threat from Amazon

High-end athletic retailer Lululemon isn’t intimidated by rumors that Amazon is looking to launch its own athletic brand. Laurent Potdevin, CEO of the Canadian brand, said Amazon isn’t a direct threat because commodity products are where Amazon truly thrives. In fact, Lululemon has focused its attention on a different ecommerce site: Alibaba. Potdevin said Alibaba provides rich data without an environment where brands are forced to compete against one another. (CNBC)