CEO Roundup—BuzzFeed CEO Peretti on innovation; Airbnb’s Chesky on IPO planning; and more

Airbnb is surely the industry's largest recent disruptor, but could it be good for hospitality?
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky wants to take it slow with an IPO. (Airbnb)

Two minutes with BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti

Jonah Peretti, the CEO of Buzzfeed, shared some nuggets of wisdom about management and innovation in a brief interview for Wall Street Journal’s “In the Elevator” series. On going public next year: Peretti says “maybe.” On increasing innovation at his company: He suggests giving small teams of creative people the freedom and power to try new things, and lowering the risk of failure. (WSJ)

Airbnb planning an IPO but timing still in the works

In an interview with Fortune, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky wouldn’t say if the tech-hospitality disrupter would go public next year, but he did say “it’s responsible to be ready as absolutely soon as we can.” And while Chesky notes that nothing about Airbnb has been slow to date, this is an area where he’s willing to take a more measured approach. (Fortune)

Ford’s earnings report prep: Shake up the management team

On the eve of Ford’s third-quarter earnings release—which was announced on Thursday and blew past Wall Street’s expectations—Ford CEO Jim Hackett overhauled his leadership team. On Tuesday, he announced that VP of global marketing, sales and service Steven Odell and Global Strategy VP John Casesa would be departing the company. Odell leaves Ford after 37 years with the company. Hackett also changed the roles/reporting of seven executives, which included the promotion of five women. (USAToday)