CEO Roundup—Airbnb CEO on the most important trait for success; KB Home CEO punishment hits his pocketbook

Airbnb is surely the industry's largest recent disruptor, but could it be good for hospitality?
Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky credits most of his success to a single trait. (Airbnb)

Airbnb's Chesky on his key to success

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky credits his success to his “childlike curiosity,” which he says is the most important trait for an entrepreneur. He adds that in an effort to foster curiosity, business and government leaders would benefit from listening to young people. (Quartz)

KB Home reprimands CEO via bonus cut

Luxury homebuilder KB Home cut CEO Jeffrey Mezger’s bonus by 25% as punishment for an insensitive rant against his neighbor, comedian Kathy Griffin, that leaked to the public. The company said if Mezger has another incident, he will be fired. Mezger is set to receive his bonus in November and received almost $9 million in total compensation last year. (New York Times)


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