Alegeus CEO Steven Auerbach leads with a sharp eye on operations and a wry approach to motivating employees.

Acquisitions are a key ingredient helping Mike Gold build communications technology company Intermedia.

Forté CEO Scott Acton's leadership style is geared toward drawing out his employees' passion for their work. answers questions and imparts knowledge in the digital age, an app that CEO Lisa Weinstein says resonates with its 75 million users.

Jeb Ory’s is the CEO of Phone2Action, a software company that connects people—through mobile devices and other means—with lawmakers.

Zoë Barry built ZappRx to help people like her brother who need speedy specialty treatment.

It isn’t just during tough times that CEOs should make themselves available to investors; it’s never too early to build loyalty.

GreenPath Financial Wellness CEO Kristen Holt is planning many more offerings.